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     Sunlight streams through the small gaps in the curtains.  You roll over slowly and peek through one eye at the red digital readout of the alarm clock.  Just as the numbers begin to come into focus, you are jolted awake by the sudden offensive outburst of the alarm.  You fumble with the small box....first turning on the radio, which coincidentally isn't tuned to a station, then turning off the radio and finally managing to shut off the blaring alarm.  How is it that after 4 years, you still haven't mastered how to shut that damn thing off.

You flop back onto your bed, heart still pounding from the rude awakening, and stare at the ceiling.  You notice a small black gnat beating itself relentlessly against the popcorn finish.  You sigh deeply, recognizing a familiar pattern in your own life.   You take a deep breath and make the daily contemplation of whether to climb out of bed.  It is Friday after all.  

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