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You choke down the large knot in your throat and begin.


"Well, I am confident that this is a great business move for me and I don't think that some spring fling should be a reason for me to turn it down"  You respond coldly.  "I'm going to take the position."


Ristain sits back in his chair abruptly, obviously taken aback by the frigid tone in your callous words.  


"Wow!  A spring fling huh?"  He whispers to himself, his voice cracking.  "I guess I just thought it was a bit more than that."


You watch him inhale a ragged breath and blink his eyes hard, obviously fighting back emotion.  He stands up and walks away.  Your chest tightens up as panic sets in.  The vulnerability in his eyes immediately strikes you like a dagger in the heart.  You have made a huge mistake.  He stands up and begins to walk away, but before you can utter a word in your defense, he quickly turns around.  Fire is burning in his eyes and a look of pain crossed with fury has shadowed his face.  


"I guess you can keep this goddamned thing then!"  He snarls, throwing a small velvet box onto the table in front of you.  It bounces and spins across the shiny wood surface and topples off the table onto the floor, bouncing and landing at your feet.  You stare down at the ominous little box.  The knot you choked down earlier suddenly twists and bucks, driving your gut into a tangled snarled mess. You bend down and pick up the small box.  Cracking it open you see a spectacular diamond ring sparkling at you.  Rays of light seem to bolt from it in all directions as the light from the window illuminates it, each ray, seeming to pierce your heart in the most painful of ways.  A wash of regret cascades over you.  You turn towards where he stood, tears streaming down your cheeks as the door of the restaurant slams behind him.  The few patrons in the shop are locked on the scene, most shaking their heads at your callousness.  You hear the motorcycle start and you jump up, clutching the velvety box and run to the door.  


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