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You sit and wait patiently in the car.   You watch the man walk across the park and disappear into the darkness.  You flip on the radio and wait.  After about ten minutes you are startled by an abrupt knock at your window.  You jump and whip your head around, expecting to see the attractive man in the trench coat.   Instead, you are greeted by a nightstick and the round stoic face of a robust officer.  You roll down your window few inches.  


"What can I help you with officer?"  You ask suspiciously


"Can I ask what you are doing out here?"  He asks with a habitual tone of interrogation


"I'm waiting for someone"  you reply politely. 


"Well, you may want to change your plan Ma'am.  We got a report earlier this evening regarding a woman that was attacked in the park. We have patrols out in the area but we haven't found the perp yet.  I would suggest that you call your friend and have them meet you somewhere else.  Have a good night."  The officer taps the nightstick on the window and tips his hat to you,  walks away disappears around the corner.  


You sit back in the seat of your car, stunned by what he just told you.  You immediately throw the car into drive and head back home. 



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