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You smile and take a couple of steps toward him.  


"Hi there!"  he calls out to you in a jovial tone. "You were here this afternoon right?"


"yeah" you reply hopefully.


"Lost some stuff did ya?"  He laughs as he draws closer.  He has a very attractive appearance, his face wrought with masculinity.  You are immediately taken with the charm that seems to seep from his pores.  


"You could say that" you shrug sheepishly


"Well, I found em.  I've got them at my apartment just across the park there.  I was just taking a walk and I recognized your car over here.  I was planning on talking them to the police department yesterday.  This is much easier!"


You smile as he stops in front of you.  


"If you'd like, we can walk together and I'll meet you at the coffee shop next to my building.  I wouldn't be a gentleman if I didn't offer to get your belongings back to you and I'd just be an idiot if I didn't offer to buy such an attractive lady a cup of coffee."  He smiles a coy smile at you that melts away any doubts or preconceptions that you had about this dark stranger. 



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