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You decide it is your responsibility to tell Ris about the pregnancy, and just the right thing to do.  It's early on Sunday when you head over to his house.  You are surprised to find that the house is almost completed.  There is a fresh coat of sunny yellow paint on the exterior and the white trim has been spruced up to match the white picket fence.  A new porch graces the front of the house and a quaint porch swing sways in the breeze.  It's a completely different house.  You walk up the stairs and cautiously knock on the heavy wooden door.   You rise onto your toes and peek in the small stained glass arch above the door.  You see a shadow pass beyond the colored panels and quickly drop back to your heels.  The door swings open and standing before you is one of the most beautiful women you have ever laid eye upon.  Her long luxurious hair cascades down her shoulders and breasts in huge flowing curls and she has the most amazing electric eyes.  There is something curiously familiar about her......and then she speaks.


"Can I help you?" You immediately recognize the voice as the one from the phone call months earlier.  You take a step back, overcome with every conceivable emotion.  You stand there, speechless and frozen by a cocktail of emotions ranging from embarassment to rage.  


"Yessssssssss?"  She sings questioningly in her sing songy disneyesque voice.  


You struggle to regain your composure, suddenly feeling like a filthy beggar looking for change.  


"Ristain?"  you manage to squeek out.  "Is Ristain here?"


"Riiiiiiiiis?"  she sings out loudly back in to the house. "You have a visitor, hon."

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