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You decide it's just too much effort to get out of bed and get ready for work.  You hate that job anyway. You know you are on the fasttrack to nowhere and right now you'd rather be on the fasttrack to the freezer for another pint of Ben and Jerry's.  You turn on the tv and start watching the monotony of daytime programming.  You begin shouting out answers at Price is Right and nodding your head as Jerry Springer interrogates a would-be father in some drama filled rerun.  You continue to stuff whatever sweet or salty goody is within arms reach into your mouth.  You make your way to the window to crack it open.  It's getting pretty stale in here, thanks in no small part to your choice of diet as of late and its effects on your bowels.  You hear a faint meow piercing through the sound of the passing cars and rustling of the leaves on the trees.  Below you on the street is haggard looking whitish cat.  You cover your mouth in shock of the perilous life of the poor little kitty.  You waddle down to street level as fast as your atrophied legs will carry you.   You really need to get an apartment with an elevator.  You scoop up the ragged animal and bring him inside.  You set him on the couch next to you and allow him to lick mounds of ice cream from your spoon.  The two of you spend the day together cuddled up on the couch.  You name him snowball.  


   The next day you head off to work but you have a hard time focussing on work, knowing you are missing Price is Right and Jerry Springer, not to mention that poor snowball is home alone,  You put in for a part time position as a personal assistant rather than your current job.  It's only 4 days a week.  The pay substantially less than you are making and a huge step down as far as the corporate ladder goes, but one must have priorities.  


    You stop at the grociery store on your way home and pick up some cat food, litter, and another selection of ice cream to keep you company for the night.  Out front you find a small grey kitten, obviously homeless.  You scoop him up and tuck him in your jacket.  You name him Jerry, since you were getting ice cream and you take him home to meet snowball.  Over the course of the next few weeks your collection of cats grows into a menagerie of homeless furballs.  You grow to be known as the old cat lady.  You are happy and that's what is important. 

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