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You pick up the phone and dial the number that Ethan left for you on the machine.  You leave a mesage for him and the two of your play phone tag for a couple of days.  Eventually the two of you get together.    The attraction is intense.  The two of you almost immedately jump into a fierce sexual relationship.  He works most of the time and you work the rest of the time.  Somehow you manage to get together once or twice a week for a mind blowing sex session.   For months this goes on.  There are no emotions involved, just a deep sexual connection.  You are able to focus on your work without the encumberment of an emotional attachment.  Eventually, you are offered a position out of town that is a kick ass promotion, both in status and money.  You contemplate accepting the position.  It would mean that you would have to say goodbye to your blazing hot fireman, but really is that any more than a tryst?   You wonder to yourself if perhaps there could be more between you.  Obviously the sex is amazing but maybe with that as a foundation, the two of you could build something more substantial together.  You call him up and after repeated bouts of phone tag, the two of you plan to meet up.  


You knock on Ethan's door, full of hope and expectation.  He answers the door with a smile and a bare chest.  As you walk into his apartment he automatically begins removing his belt and boots, ready to get under way.  


"I was hoping this time we could talk a little?"  you announce, trying to sound confident.  


Ethan stops taking his boots off and sits up.  The look on his face is less than engaged.  


"Sure" he sighs disinterestedly. 



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