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Stepping forward, you take a deep breath and begin your tirade.  


"Listen here you pompous bag of puss.  I come in here every day and pour my heart and soul into this godforsaken shit hole, and do I get any kind of respect?  NO!  You stand there and try to make me feel guilty for taking a few minute for myself!  Well fuck you you arrogant son of a bitch.  My position has been as office lackey for as long as I can remember and I'm sick and fucking tired of it!"  Around you, your fellow employees gasp and giggle and cover their mouths in shock.  

"You know what you pile of shit?  You can take this fucking job and shove it right up your ass, right next to that stick that's been crammed up there for the last 15 years!  You've got a whole office full of ass kissers right here just hoping, willing and ready to take it right up the ass with no lube, but you know what!  I'm not one of them any more.  I quit!"


You stand up straight, fully expecting some kind of eruption of applause, but the room remains silent.  The entire office stands frozen in time, all eyes fixated on the explosive scene.  You puff out your chest, feeling pretty damn good about yourself, despite the lack of suport from your peers.  You throw a proud glance over to Ristain and watch as he quickly walks away, eager to separate himself from you and your outburst.  Your heart sinks.  Dozens of onlookers stare at you in complete horror, then pity and finally disgust as they turn and shuffle away.  Mr McAllister stands stoic and firm, not saying a word, a veil of pity and disappointment faintly visible.  He turns without a word and exits the foyer.  Your puffed out chest quickly deflates and is replaced by a sunken colorless face and slumped shoulders.  You pause and wait, hoping someone is going to jump out and tell you that you've been punked....even though it would have been you doing the punking.  You stand there, lost as the rest of the employees file by you and return to their respective desks.  You turn and walk to the large glass doors.  Unwilling to go back to your desk for you belongings,  nothing you have would be worth the humiliation.  You sulk to your car and drive home. 

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