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Jen grabs your hand and pulls you through the long smokey corridor.  Small groups line the walls,  e-cigarettes light up some corners and the flickering of lighters light others.  You wonder to yourself how many illegal activites are going on within the walls of this place tonight.  The majority of the people are pairs and trios of men and women climbing all over one another, pinning one another against the walls in highly sexually charged displays, seemingly unaware of the passersby.  You are careful not to fixate too long on any one display, for fear of pissing someone off....or being invited to join.  Your not sure which would be more uncomfortable.  You finally reach the end of the dusky hall and the room opens up into a pulsating sea of sound, sight and smell.  The music is pounding, rattling your chest and ringing in your ears.  You wonder if you will be able to hear at all tomorrow.  Flashes of pink and purple light up the sweaty half naked bodies on the dancefloor.  A smoky haze hangs just above them, twisting and flowing like water, illuminated by the constant strobing lights.  As inviting as the music is, its going to take a few drinks to get you out there.  


     Finally you and Jen climb a winding staircase and reach a table overlooking the dancefloor.  There at the table sit two of the most exquisite male specimens you have ever laid eyes on.  You recognize your date immediately from the provocative picture Jen had texted you.  He is even better in person.  You pull up a seat next to him and mouth "Hi" and "Nice to meet you" (as there is no way he could hear a word you said).  He grabs your hand and nods chivilrously to you, introducing himself as Talon.  After throwing you a crazy sexy smile, he hails a scantily clad waitress looking particularly fetching in her school-girl garb.  Talon leans into your ear and asks what you want.  The weight of the question is not lost on you.  His hot breath seems to burn your skin, sending a trail of goosebumps down your neck and back.  After a couple of quick off-color thoughts, you tell him "Tequilla'.   The barely clothed schoolgirl leans sensually over the table, giving him a clear shot of her breasts beneath her less than buttoned down, white shirt.  He mouth and motions the order for 4 tequillas.  




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