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You roll onto your side, on the verge of exploding.  Your fingers fumble for the button on his jeans.  He continues to tease you relentlessly, diving deeply into you with his fingers.  You find it nearly impossible to contend with the engineering feat of a pair of buttoned jeans.    Finally you manage to unhook the stubborn obstacle.  The zipper instantaniously unfurrows under the pressure of the growing mast behind it.  You hands slide beneath his boxers and grasp the pulsing shaft.  He lets out a moan.  You smile and look up to find him lost in the same erotic fog that he has been inflicting on you.  You continue to massage him, holding firmly and teasing the sensitive skin on his tip.  He kicks off the jeans and boxers and rolls over.    He grabs your hand and pulls it away from him, pinning it above your head, kissing your firmly as he presses you into the mattress.    He cautiously but determinedly moves onto your body, kneeling between your legs.  He leans forward and pulls out a condom, sliding it over his shaft without hesitation.   Your body tenses with anticipation as he moves closer to you.   He teases you with the tip of his hard cock rubbing up and down and driving shudders through your.  He smiles, revelling in the pleasure that his torture is bestowing upon you.  Your eyes close and your back arches up crying out in ecstacy.  You beg for him to take you in an exasperated whisper.  Just when you think you can't take another second of his abuse he pushes deep into you.  You let out a breathy cry as he penetrates the most private recesses of your body.  He props himself up on his hands and locks his gaze on you, drinking in your expression as he plunges deep into you, over and over again.  You move together in ebbs and flows, quivering with every stroke, as if it were the first.  The passion builds inside you and your entire body becomes rigid as a powerful orgasm ratchets through your body.  He continues his barrage, pushing deeper into you and changing his position slightly to enflame another part of your body.  Again you feel the sensation fillling your body as another orgasm rushes upon you.  As you cry out in climax and loud expression of your passion is more than he can take.  He cries out as release consumes his rigid body.  He pushes into you several more times as the two of you explode in ecstacy, until finally, spent, he collapses on top of you.  Both of you breathe heavy and savor the sweetness of lying there as one.  He rolls off to the side and brushes the wet hair from your forehead, kissing you just above the bridge of your nose.  You smile coyly and curl up into his chest.  He wraps his powerful arms arouond you and the two of you drift off into a contented sleep. 

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