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     Your eyes flutter open and you find yourself staring at an unfamiliar window  It take you a moment to peice together where you are.  Just then, Ristain tightens his grip around you, pulling you close and moaning a wake up yawn.  You roll within his grasp to face him.  He is awake and staring deep into your eyes.  The softness of the brown of his eyes and his dark sweeping eyelashes are breathtaking.  A shudder races through your body, drinking in his gaze.  You had forgotten in that brief slumber just how handsome he is.  You brace yourself, closing your eyes slightly and puckering your lips, waiting for that inevitable first kiss.  Before you can feel the warmth of his sexy pout, he turns and rolls away from you leaving you looking like a half drunk goldfish.  He jumps off the bed and to a standing position and holds out his hand to you in a gentleman's invitation. 


"Come on....we have to go pick out paint."  He invites with a sly glimmer in his beautiful soft eyes.  


A reluctant smile replaces the fishy pucker and you take his hand and head off to the hardware store exhibit your exquisite mastery of color selection.  


About an hour later you arrive back at his home.  The trip to the store had been far more fun that it should have been.  The two of you cracked jokes and poked fun at passersby for the entire expedition.  You finally settled on a beautiful muted shade of sage green, after sufficiently exploring the possibilites of fuschia and neon orange.   The green is the perfect shade to compliment the brick fireplace that he has so painstakingly been restoring.  Ristain throws down a canvas on the floor and places all the paintbrushes and cans of paint on it.  He heads over to the far wall and turns up the thermostat.  




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