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The next couple of weeks fly by.  You manage to avoid Ristain at every turn, despite his relentless attempts to reach you.  Finally, one day you notice him out your interior window, making a beeline for your office.  You quickly pick up the cream colored phone receiver in a quick decision to try to look busy.  You peer down, focussed on a meaningless piece of accounting paperwork, doing your best impression of a highly important person on a highly important call.  Ristain walks into your office without even knocking, undeterred by the office door or the wall you have put up.  Seeing that you are on the phone he mouths to you that he needs to talk to you.  You hold up your pointer finger indignantly as if saying to him "wait just one moment please".  Composing your thoughts and your demeanor you conclude your imaginary phone call.  You sigh deeply and look up from your desk, hardening your expression so as to hide the hurt and appear as cold and disconnected as unhumanly possible.  


"What can I do for you?"  you ask emotionlessly.


The simplicity and emptiness of the comment seems to sucker punch him in the gut.  You watch as the air seems to escape his lungs and the color drains from his face.  


"I....I.....I've been trying to reach you for weeks" he fumbles "I know you're busy with your promotion but you haven't answered my calls or even my texts.  Did I do something to piss you off?"


Although the pleading tone of his voice tears at your heart, you remain strong.  "Did I do something to piss you off?", you ask yourself in a pitiful whiny tone.  Fortunately the mocking verbal assault is only in your head.  The heat of anger rises up in your throat as the sound of that bitch's voice echos through your memory.  Your tone becomes notably more heated and you fight not to make the scathing remarks in your head a verbal attack.  

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