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You proceed to explain the onset of the symptoms while Doctor Holier Than Thou nods his head accordingly.   He periodically responds with "uh huh..."  or "I see...."  almost always before you are done talking, which some how make you feel like you are the one interrupting him.  Finally you interject. 


"So what is wrong with me!" you ask nervously..fully expecting him to hand down a death sentence.  What'll it be?  Cancer?  An anuerism?  Heart problems?  


"Well, there isn't really anything 'wrong' with you?" chides the doctor in the most nonchalant of tones.


"Then why the hell do I feel like crap every day!"  You exclaim venomously, clearly losing your patience with the situation.  


"You're pregnant" the doctor blurts out flippantly


"W....w....what!?"  you sputter.


"You're pregnant...and several months along from what we can tell.  You are slightly anemic and your blood pressure is elevated which accounts for the dizziness and nausea, well that and morning sickness"  he dictates clinically.  "How is your stress level"





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