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How is my stress level!  What kind of question is that!  You've just announced to me that some alien creature has taken over my body and has been living in there for months.  How's my stress level!  You just told me that I'm pregnant and the father is a cheating peice of shit!  How's my stress level!?  I just got the promotion I've been waiting for for years and I'm expecting another one soon!   How's my stress level!?  You can feel the blood rushing to your face.  You can feel the room begin to spin as you choke back another round of puking your brains out.   The room begins to spin and the flushed anger drains from your face and is replaced by a sickly grey-green tone.  The doctor puts a hand on your shoulder, noticing that you need some stability.  Boy he doesn't know the half of it.  


"I assume by your reaction that this is an unplanned pregnancy?" His tone is that of a disappointed father. 


You nod meekly and stare at the floor.  


" I see from your chart that you are not married.  Are you still involved with the father" 


You shake your head, feeling the tears begin to well up in your eyes.  


"I will send in the nurse with some brochures regarding some different options.  If you do choose to keep this child we will need to discuss a way to decrease your stress level.  Until then I won't prescribe anything for the elevated blood pressure.  I do suggest that you pick up some iron pills on your way home for the anemia and some prenatal vitamins if you are going to continue with the pregnancy."


He pats you condesceningly on your shoulder and turns and leaves.  The heavy door clicks closed behind him, leaving you alone in the cold little cell, pondering your future, or lack thereof.  

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