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   You crack open an eyelid and squint toward the draped window.  The light coming in is dim at best.  You glance over at the alarms clock.....7:35.   Why is it that even when you don't have to get up and go to work, you cant seem to sleep in.  You recall as a teenager, how easy it was to pull the pillow over your head and stay in the dream world until atleast noon.  Now if you lie in bed past 9:00am, all you accomplish is a nasty headache and the overwhelming sense that you have wasted away half the day.  You flop back over and stare at the ceiling, contemplating whether or not to get up and start the day.  You try closing your eyes and falling back asleep but it's pretty obvious that ship has sailed.  You drag your butt out of bed and get in the shower.  You lounge in the steamy water for a while, slowly regaining conciousness.  You step out and dry off with a slightly damp towel hanging on the rail.  Nothing ever dries completely in this humidity.  


     Outside, the clouds are hanging low and gray and a mist of rain is hanging in the air.  The street is fairly quiet for a Saturday.  You tear off another paper towel for a makeshift coffee filter and make yourself a pot of joe.  You sit down with your highly sweetened overly creamered coffee and turn on the news.  People all over the world are still suffering.  Crazies in every corner of earth are raining down pain and suffering on various victims.   Our political system  proving itself a mockery yet again in the eyes of the world.  Every morning there seems to be some indication that the end is near....and yet here we are, still plodding through our meaningless lives.   Your deep philosophical contemplation is wrenched back to reality as the phone in the kitchen bursts to life.  You don't even bother getting up.  Its always a telemarketer.  Every saturday morning, without fail, some guy from India or Khazakhstan tries to convince you that you need their credit card or that you have been chosen for a "free" cruise to the Bahamas.  You ignore the annoying ringing and turn back to the television.  The ringing stops and you hear the answering machine pick up, an antiquated house warming present from your mom.  Your message plays in the background and then a familiar voice lights up the speaker.


"Hey sexy....rise and shine, it's me Ristain. Sorry I didn't call sooner.  I lost your cell number so I looked this one up.  Hope I got the right one!........"


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