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As you reach the coffee stand, the Adonis turns to you and in true grecian god fashion utters,


"What's your pleasure?"


Just the use of the term pleasure on his tongue make you squirm uncomfortably.   You again feel your cheeks begin to burn with embarassment.  Geezus, what is this guy doing to you.  He blushes slightly, realizing his choice of words. The sweet pink hue on his cheeks does nothing to calm the erotic thoughts bombarding your brain.  


"The coffee."  He chokes "What kind of coffee....."  He pauses and a concerned look falls over his perfect face


"What?"  you manage to ask


"I have something I have to tell you"  he states stoicly.  


Oh god, here it comes.  He is going to tell you he's not interested, or maybe that he is?  Maybe he is going to confess his undying love for you.  Beg your forgiveness for having been watching you for weeks, unable to gather the strength to speak to you.  Ok....that may be a bit of a stretch.  I've got it!   He's gay.  Well that wouldn't be so bad.  Atleast thats not an all out rejection.  You could handle another guy girlfriend.  


   He reaches out to you with his exceedingly masculine arms and firmly grasps your bicepts. Your arms go numb.  He may as well have pinched them off at the sockets for all the good they are doing you now.  He holds you firmly and looks deep into your eyes.  You feel your knees weakening under his intense gaze.  You are sure he is staring straight into your soul.  Then in the most serious of tones he says.

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