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You head back to your car, head held in shame for your ridiculous pursuit of the dark stranger.  You glance back over your shoulder but he is gone.  You are, in a way, thankful that he didn't follow you.  You are feeling like a complete ass.  I mean really?  What did you think was going to happen anyway.   You can't help yourself.  You wonder if you should go over to the coffee shop and track him down again.  What would he think though?  You've already made an ass of yourself.  But what if?   You are such a hopeless romantic you think to yourself.  He was a bit odd, you ponder.  I mean he didn't even look surprised to see you when you stalked him down across the park.  And that tone in his voice....  Almost creepy the way he just expected you to follow him.  Yeah, probably for the best.  But....

Your heart and your mind battle out the possible scenarios.  Your mind tells you to let it go, but your hopeless heart can't help but to wonder if you are missing an opportunity.  



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