You are pleasantly surprised by just how articulate he is.  You naturally assumed that he would have the intellect of some blue balled baboon judging by his ripped physique.  As you reach the door of the office building he stops and turns to you with his hand outstretched in some awkward friendly handshake.  Its seems a bit odd, given that only moments ago he was copping a feel at the coffee stand, but you oblige.  


"My name is Ristain, by the way" 


You introduce yourself and the two of you continue into the office building.  He opens the door for you and you walk inside.  Just as you walk through the front door you are confronted with your self-absorbed egotistical asshole boss, Mr. McAllister.  


"You are ten minutes late!"  he fumes. "We have had this conversation more than once!  This is inexcusable behavior for someone in your position!"


Ristain turns his head slighly and glances over his shoulder at you as he walks toward the elevator.  Embarrassment floods your body. You glance around to see just how many people are her to view this scene.....that of course is everyone.  You notice Susan, the office gossip, standing off to the side, clearly pleased with herself with this new bit of juicy gossip to share with the rest of the cubicle clowns on the 3rd floor.  


"In my position?" you ask yourself.  This sonofabitch actually thinks I give two shits about this stupid job.  You consider giving him a peice of your mind right then and there.