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The hours creep by painfully slow.  Solitaire on the computer serves as a welcome distraction from the day's monotony.  You begin to fade after about the 15th game.  Suddenly out of nowhere, a message pops up in the middle of your screen.  


"Hey sexy!  How was the coffee?"


Your heart nearly leaps out of your chest.  You've never really used the instant messaging system on the computer.  One of those many upgrades implimented by management to improve communication that really never took off.  You glance around, ensuring that no curious eyes are around to ruin your fun.  


"Who is this"  you sarcastically respond.


Your stomach tightens with anticipation.


"Oh come on!  How many guys did you have coffee with this morning!  Just break my heart why don't ya!"


You giggle to yourself.  Revelling in the attention.  You take a deep breath, trying to calm your racing heart.  You sit up in your chair and contemplate your response.  The last thing you want him to know is that you have been imagining what he looks like under that button down shirt, or that you allowed some pretty obscene thoughts to cross your mind when you stuck your pencil in the electric sharpener this morning. 


"Oh, this must be Luke" you type again, your response dripping in sarcasm.


Several moments pass and you begin to question whether you have been a bit overzealous in your retort.  Perhaps he doesn't have quite the sense of humor you thought. 



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