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     You tilt dangerously far back in your chair, overwhelmingly pleased with the sequence of events.  A lunch date with an exceedingly good looking articulate man.  Correction!  A lunch date with an exceedingly good looking, articulate STRAIGHT man.  That's like falling down a rabbit hole and landing on a unicorn!  You think for a moment about the lucky penny and wonder who it was lucky for.   You suddenly become aware of a frightening possibiity.  You dont actually know he isn't gay.  Shit!  Thats got to be it.  Attractive, well dressed, articulate.....your mind races and crosses the finish line at disappointment.   Oh well, he was fun to talk to nonetheless.   You can never have too many good friends, gay or straight.  A good friendship will be the best thing you've pulled out of this armpit of a job. 


     You look up at the clock on the wall....12:25.   The thirty minutes doesn't seem quite so unbearable knowing that he isn't interested in you in "that" way.  You start up another game of solitaire but find yourself fantasizing about meeting him in the elevator one night after staying late to work on a project.  


     The fantasy begins benignly enough.  You are concluding a long day at work .  You stand innocently in front of the burnt orange doors of the elevator.  You push the down arrow and watch the lighted display as it counts down the floors.  5.......4.......3........Ding.  The door opens and a billow of smokey clouds roll seductively out of the shaft  inside a red light glows, illuminating the misty scene and Barry White echos off the mirrored walls.  There in the sweet embrace of the tantalizing mist stands Ristain, his white shirt unbottoned half way down and exhibiting his firm chiseled chest, glistening with sweat, because apparently the AC isnt working today.  He grabs you and pulls you into the elevator as the doors close behind you.  You can feel his heat against you.  He pulls your hips to yours.  His hands trail down and begin to lift your skirt.  He kisses your neck just below your ear and sends chills of exhileration through your body.  His hands pull your skirt up roughly over your hips and he pulls you in close.  He leans in to kiss you, you feel his hot breath as his lips brush yours..



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