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You wait patiently for the elevator.  Ok, patiently may be an overstatement.  You tap your foot incessantly. Pleading with the lighted numbers to change.  Finally 4 lights up.  Come on!! Come on!!  3.....Ding!  You push your way through the crowd and immediately push the close door button, watching a couple of people curse you and flip you off as the doors pinch shut.  The doors slowly open and you push through the group and burst into the foyer.  All around you the sheep are filing out the double doors.  You rush out the doors and into the gleaming sunlight.  You stop next to the heavy stone pillars that frame in the entrance of the office to catch your breath.  You look around, desperate for that handsome face to come into view but he is nowhere to be found.  You look at your watch.  1:13.  Shit.  He's already gone.  What reason would he have to wait for you.  He doesnt know you.  For all he knows you were going to stand him up anyway.  A few people give you odd glances as you stand there leaned up against the cool stone.  You wonder to yourself if maybe they were one of the unfortunates that you cheated out of an elevator ride, or maybe they had heard one of the colorful rumors that had percolated through the building as the day progressed.  You scan the diminishing crowd again for your knight in shining armor, but he is nowhere to be seen.  


     Sedans and SUV's file neatly out of the parking lot off to their respective burger dives and sandwich shops.  The crowd thins and thins until, with the exception of a couple of chronic smokers, you are the only one standing outside.  A large SUV pulls out of a front row spot and behind it a chromed out black motorcycle roars to life.  Your attention immediately turns to the abnoxious iron horse.  The driver lets off the throttle and turns to you, dark hair shimmering in the hot sun.  


"It's about time.  Get on!"



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