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The two of you laugh together about how the conversation might go, and just how blunt your should be about the situation.   Ristain reaures you again and again with his sweet smile and his caring eyes.  It's amazing how far such a simple phrase such as

"It's all going to be ok, I promise" can go.  You become more and more assured that being honest with Mr McAllister is not only a good strategy, but it's the only one.  


The two of you head back to the office and walk into the building, hand in hand, and not caring what the rumor mill comes up with on this one.  He puts his arms around you as the two of you wait for the elevator to go to your respective floors.  He squeezes you tight and kisses your cheek, whispering "good luck" in a breathy voice in your ear.  Several people watch the PDA.  Some turn away at the inappropriatness, others smile at the obvious affection between the two of you.  You could really care less who sees and who knows.  As a matter of fact, you feel like you want to shout it to the world at the top of your lungs.  


     The day speeds by fairly quickly.  You busy yourself organizing your desk drawers and finalizing any leftover work you have from your current position.  About 3:45 you start to clean off your desk and gather your personal belongings.  A wash of satisfaction washes over you as you realize that this may be the last time that you will be sitting behind this desk in a professional capacity.  As you are finishing up, Angela strides past your desk.  She stops dead in her tracks, you feel as though her tall frame might topple over under the strain.  She takes a few steps backwards and leers at you over her bi-focals.  


"Planning on ducking out early today?"  She questions in a parochial tone, pushing her glasses further up her long bony nose.


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