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"So"  Ristain announces, regaining his composure and blinking the tears back into the recesses of his eyes.  "We need to come up with a plan of attack I suppose"


"I'm meeting with Mr. McAllister this afternoon" you explain, "What do you think I should tell him?"  You look pleadingly at him, hoping he has the answers you've been clammering for.  


"Honestly I don't know."  He states blankly, shrugging his masculine shoulders. "I guess honesty is the best policy.  I mean he's a reasonable guy right?"


Reasonable....well that might be overstating it a bit.  But he's right, it's going to come out eventually and it would certainly be better if you were the one to let the cat of of the bag.  


"I suppose"  you say meekly, looking down at the table again. 


Ristain again positions his curled fingers under your chin and lifts you to his gaze.  "If they think you are the one for the job they are going to do what it takes to keep you.  You are amazing.  You are beautiful, intelligent...."  He pauses a moment, blushing slightly, "great in bed..." 


You giggle "Yeah I'm really hoping thats not a factor!"

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