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You step off the elevator feeling confident and more alive in a professional sense than you have in years, or perhaps ever.  You stride down the corridor to Mr.  McAllister's office.  The door is already open and you see him sitting at his desk, mooning over the photograph. You knock lightly on the door, politely making him aware of your presence.  He collects himself,  slides the photograph back to its spot on the desk and invites you in.  Just as you sit and turn the high back leather chair towards your boss, there is another knock at the door, this one a bit louder and more demanding than your own.  You feel a smirk slide across your face as the high pitch squeek of Angela's voice floods the room. 


"Mr.  McAllister, I don't mean to disturb you, but I have some important information that I think you will want to hear."


Mr.  McAllister waves her in silently.  "What is it Ms. Andrews?  What terrible transgression has taken place today?" Your ears perk up at the sarcastic tone of his voice.  You suddenly like this guy a little more.  


Angela clears her throat and begins her scathing review of the antics of the transgressor.


"I feel it is important to let you know that one of your employees was recklessly and irresponsibly shirking their professional duties.  I caught them leaving work early."  She stands up straight and pushes her glasses up on her nose with an aire of superiority.


You can barely contain the giggle that is rising up from your throat.  Mr McAllister casts a wry glance your way, sensing that something is up.



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