You sit wide-eyed, obviously shocked by the ease of the conversation.  You certainly got all worked up over nothing at all.  You begin to tell him you would be glad to accept the position when there is a knock at the door.  Angela cautiously peeks her head in the door.  


"Your coffee sir?" She asks tentatively


"Ahhhh....perfect.  Bring it in and put it on the desk."  He invites. 


Angela slowly walks into the office carefully negotiating the office furniture with her sasquatchian frame.  She places a tray of coffee and assorted condiments on the desk in front of you.  You smile at her approvingly.  


"Anything else, sir?"  she asks in a quaking voice, still rattled by her previous encounter apparently.  


"No, that will do.  Thank you Ms. Andrews." and he waves her away dismissively.


"Oh just one more thing, Ms. Andrews" he calls out as she is about to close the door.  You are beginning to think that he is doing that on purpose, and yet again, your view of him is elevated a bit more. 


"Yes sir?"  She squeaks, looking down at her enormous boatish shoes.