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     You call in sick the following day, a Friday, and spend the afternoon contemplating the irreversible decision facing you.  You read through the brochures.   Weighty decisions flood your brain with each one.  Raising a family.....Single Parenthood.....Abortion.....Adoption.  No matter how many times you page through them, you can't seem to wrap your brain around the reality of the situation.  You mind rockets back to the time you spent with Ristain.  You remember how many times you envisioned a future with him.  Pleasant thoughts of your time together blanket your soul in a warmth that thaws the frost that has settled into your heart.  You allow sweet thoughts of raising a family with him to sneak in.   The scene begins to chip away at your resolve, but it's quickly fortified as that bitch's voice echos through your brain.  You envision him with her now, spending their days together in the livingroom that you painted together.  Showering in the same shower where the two of you gave into your passion for one another. The heat rises up from deep within.  You can feel the rush of color into your face and the beating of your pulse in your temple.  Your heart beats faster, as if trying to recover from some fatal blow....breaking all over again.  You shake off the emotional turmoil of a possibility of a life with Ristain and picture yourself as a single mom...struggling to raise a child on your own.  You certainly won't have much of a career.   You've seen it happen before.....women on the fast track at work, suddenly struck down with a pregnanacy and it all ends. They end up quitting their jobs or taking one with less hours so they can care for their little "bundle of joy".  You spend your weekend contemplating your decisions and finally you decide.



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