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"I hate you!!" He bellows as he flies through the door, wrapping his arm around you, picking you up and twirling you into the apartment.  He puts you own and pulls a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers from behind your back.  The two of you laugh and discuss your new jobs  As the sun starts to set the two of you set out for a celebratory dinner.  


     The rest of the week continues.  You begin your new job and Ris begins his.  The job is certainly more demanding than your clerical position in the cubicle but you invite the challenge and dive in with a new sense of dedication.  You greet the staff and settle in for a new chapter in your life.  Angela eagerly attends to your every whim.  You always knew she was a kiss-ass but with this new perspective she reaches a whole new level of brown-noser in your eyes.  


     Friday night rolls around and you eagerly anticipate your meeting with Ristain and his sister.  You stomach flips and flops at the prospect of meeting his sibling.  What if she hates you!  You rush home to get ready, a bit too nervous for your own good.  You shower, pluck and tweeze yourself into as close a state of perfection as possible.  You choose a beautiful lilac sweater that your mom game you for Christmas and a sleek pair of dark denim jeans.  While you are applying the finishing touches to your makeup, the phone rings.  You bound into the livingroom like a kid rushing to find whats under the tree.  


"Hey sexy"  echos in your ear.  "something came up and I can't come pick you up."  Your heart instantly sinks.  "Can you meet me here instead?" He suggests, relieving your sense of doom.  


You agree and hand up the phone, telling him you are on your way.  You finish up in the mirror and head out the door.  

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