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"Dad?"  you ask in a shaky unsure tone.  You peek around the door and see atleast 15 people sitting around the room.  The room is furnished in beautiful dark leather couches and chairs.  In addition there are some small folding chairs, seemigly moved in for the occassion and several children are playing on the sheepskin rug in front of the stone fireplace.  You notice an attractive petite woman sitting on one of the cushy leather couches. 


"Mom?"  You take a step back, suddenly feeling very cornered and very unsure about this sudden turn of events  You father puts his arm around you and coaxes you inside, closing the heavy door behind him with a thud.  


"Ahhhh..." booms Ristain,  coming in from the kitchen, "The guest of honor has arrived."


He struts into the living room dawning a pair of slacks, a white button down shirt and a crisp camel blazer.  


Your father drops his arm from your shoulder and walks across the room, taking a seat next to your mother.  Both of them have huge shit-eating grins across their faces.  You catch a glimpse of another familiar face sitting on the couch amongst the party-goers.  It's Mary from the diner.  You study her for a moment, trying to figure out why on earth she is sitting in Ristain's livingroom,  She simply nods at you approvingly and pushes her glasses a little further up her nose.  Now you are competely confused.  You look back at Ris, searching his face for some kind of answer to the questions running rampant through your brain.  You are starting to feel a bit like a spectacle, standing in the doorway whilst everyone else is comfortably seated in their cushy chairs.  





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