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You open your eyes and find Detective Stone kneeling over top of you and fanning you with one of the many manilla folders piled around the office.  You flutter your eyes, trying to get your bearings.  Suddenly the image of Cade standing in the doorway in his police uniform floods your mind.   You begin to hyperventilate again.   The detective reaches behind his desk and grabs a brown paper bag, dumping a sandwich and a bag of chips out on the floor.  He hands you the bag and helps you position it over your mouth, encouraging you to breath deeply.  You can feel your eyes bulging out of your head as you fight for a breath.  You finally regain a normal breathing pattern and push the paperbag away,  You sit there with your mouth agape, still working to balance the lack of oxygen in your lungs.  You pull yourself up and sit back in the chair with your head between your knees.  


"Are you gonna be ok?"  the detective asks you in a deep concerned voice.  "Do I need to call someone?"


"No, no...I'm fine...."  you lie emphatically.  


He kneels in front of you. 


"I'm here to help." he speaks in a soft tone that somehow seems to put your body at ease.  "Are you ready to do this?" 

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