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You shuffle over to the cupboard and reach up to get a mug.  You pull the coffee decanter from the hot plate and notice the shredded corner of a paper towel peeking out from above the filter holder.  An amused giggle escapes your lips.  Ristain turns and smiles. 


"What are you laughing at?" He asks curiously "Are you lauging at my coffee filters?"  He backpeddles , seemingly embarassed. "I just haven't made it to the store yet for new ones.  I blame you actually."  He finishes with a wink.


You say nothing.  You just smile and walk over to him, wrapping your arms around him from behind and burying your face into that strong muscular back.  


     The two of you sit down and enjoy a spectacular breakfast and again talk endlessly.  


"So I was thinking we should go for a ride this afternoon" he sings. "It is supposed to be a beautiful day.  Sound good to you?"


You nod in agreement


"But I need a shower first"  you admit, making a disgusted face.  



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