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"Your wish is my command"  Ristain stands up and sweeps you into his arms, leaving your partially eaten plate of pancakes sitting on the table.  He pulls you close and carries you into the bedroom.  He lays you on the bed and walks into the bathroom.  He starts the shower and you can see the steam filling the room and billowing out the doorway.  He leans into the threshold  just enough so that you can clearly see that he has shed the remainder of his clothes.  He motions to you with his finger, inviting you to join him.  You waste no time, jumping to your feet and making your way to the bathroom, disrobing as you skip along.  The two of you step into the steamy shower,  He beings to wash your back with a gentleness that you would never attribute to a man of his stature.  He works his way to your front, caressing every curve.  You return the favor, massaging his masculine physique with your soapy hands.  You are so focussed on the the strong lines of his chest that you don't notice the strong line that has become erect further south.  He grasps your upper arms, reminding you of that first day at the coffee kiosk.  Again your arms seem to fall limp under his strong grip.  He pushes you against the shower wall.  You let out a yelp as the cold tiles sting your warmed skin.  The audible cry seem to drive his passion further as he presses against you, kissing you deeply.  He thrusts  his body against you and the arch of your back sinks back against the cold wall that seems much less cold now.  You position one foot on the side of the tub and pull him close to you.  

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