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You pull out of your shadowed location and continue to tail the police car.  You maintain your distance with several cars between you and the cruiser.   You watch as he nears the police station but then abruptly makes a left, heading out of town.   You continue your pursuit.  The car turns again onto a more remote side road, speeding up as he makes his way down a winding road through a hilly area of the surrounding rural area.  You speed up a little, afraid you are going to lose him as he winds down the road.  You are so focussed on the road ahead of you that you don't notice the car that has quickly arrived behind you.  You are thrown back against the headrest as your car is violently bumped from behind.  You swing your head around to find another cruiser pressing against your bumper.  Your car accelerates as you try desperately to maintain control.  You push on the brakes but it's too late.  The car behind you pushes you off the road.  Your car carreens down a steep ravine, crashing through brush and small trees.  Your car comes to a sudden and abrupt stop as it crashes into the rocks at the bottom of the drainage.  You are ripped from your seat as you vault over the steering wheel and through the windshield.  The heavy glass shatters around you in slow motion as you are launched into the air.  The flight is abruptly stopped as you smash into several large boulders resting in the creek.  Your body crumbles into a pile and slides helplessly from the boulders into the cold creek water.   You lie there, your body screaming in agony, unable to move.   Your head is laying in the water.  Ripples rush by you in rolling waves.  One eye is submerged while the other, along with your nose are barely breaking the surface.  You fight to suck in a couple breaths into your broken chest.  Suddenly a large black boot appears in front of you, breaking the flow of water enough to lower the water level.   He kneels down and bends his head so he is looking into your eyes.  Fear races through your helpless body.


"I decided you were too much of a liability." Talon sneers.   "Lucky for me, your slut friend offed herself so I didn't have to take care of her too.   I told you to let it go, nosey bitch."   Without another word he stands and lifts his boot from the water, sending the barriered stream rolling up your face.  He lifts his boot and sets it slowly on the side of your head, pushing it down into the mud.   The water sweeps over your nose and eyes.  You don't have any ability to fight, your body is completely destroyed.  You hear his yell up the bank as the water consumes you.


"Yeah she's done.  Give me a minute and we'll get outta here."





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