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The door closes and you watch as the heavy black boots make their way behind the desk.  The sergeant sits down heavily in the chair and you raise your eyes, gathering your strength again to continue your recollection of the evening.  You lift your head and look across the desk.   Your gaze is met with an icy blue stare of pure evil.  You gasp as the realization sinks into your frozen body.  It's Talon.  


"Look here, you little whore.  I don't know what you think you are doing here, but you and your slut friend were begging for it.  You got everything you deserved and nobody is going to believe you if you try to say anything different." 


Tears well up in your eyes and your lips begin to quiver.   You now know that you are staring into the eyes of the monster that attacked you.  You sit there paralyzed with fear.  Completely lost on what to do next.  


"You are going to get up and walk out of here and this is going to be the last that anyone ever hears of any of this.  Is that clear?"  He demands in a threatening tone. 


You nod your head in quick short jerks as the tears begin to flow down your cheeks.  He leans over the desk and puts his face right in front of yours.  You can feel his hot breath on your lips as you quiver with terror.


"Because, I guarantee that if this isn't the end of will be the end of you and your little slut friend."  He cocks his head and glares a half smile at you.  "Get the fuck out of"



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