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You reach your car and notice that the door is slightly ajar.  You really need to pay more attention.  You climb into the warm front seat and find yourself daydreaming about the handsome man in the park.  What if that guy is your future.  What if you just squandered away your opportunity to meet the man of your dreams.  And for what!  So you can be back to work on time.  You look up from your daydream back at the park scene.  The little girl has grown weary of the swings and is walking hand in hand with her mom back towards the baseball diamond.  You glance back to where you were sitting but the man is gone.  You scan the park, looking for your dark stranger.  You finally spot him walking across the park, toward a line of bushes.  A small pang of regret rings in your head, as you wonder if you are watching your dream man walk away.   

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