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You turn quickly and head back to your car.  Your heart races with that ever present fear that a woman experience when in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar man.  Behind you, you can hear the man quickening his pace.  He calls out to you "Excuse me?  Miss...miss?"


You continue your quick pace and jump into the car, hitting the lock button as you pull the door closed.  The man reaches your car door within seconds.  He slows his pace and approaches your window.  You suddenly become aware that he is the same man from the park earlier today.  He still just as attractive in his long black trench coat.  A professional looking buttondown peeks out from under the pricey outerwear.  He knocks on the window with a leather clad hand.  "Ma'am...did you lose something" He says in a deep voice, muffled by the glass.  He flashes a debonaire sexy smile at you.  You would swear that his electric eyes literally sparked in the darkness.  You crack the window.  


"Yes,  My bank card and ID....I lost them this afternoon." 


"I found them earlier today in the park.   You were here earlier right?"


"Yes, yes...that was me"  you reply, excited that he found them. 


"I don't have them on me, they are at my apartment.  I can walk over and get them for you if you are willing to wait.  It will be a little while because I am actually on my way to a meeting with a client at the coffee shop next to my building."


You check your watch.  You really don't want to wait for too long.  



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