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    You decide that life it too short and you swing the door of the car open, ready to chase down your dark stranger.  You reach into the passenger side to grab your purse, but it isn't there.  You climb into the driver's side and look on the floor but still don't see it.  You glance up through the windshield and your dark stranger is moving further and further away.  "Screw it!"  You exclaim and grab your keys, locking the door and taking off across the park.  You quickly realize that you are getting nowhere fast speed walking on you toes. You balance on one foot and pull off your heel and then the next.  You take off at a near run across the grass, fast enough to make up ground but not so fast that you look like some obsessive ex-girlfriend chasing down your ex-lover.  Part of you wishes he would turn around and see you so he would slow down, while the other part, hopes to god that he doesn't see you sprinting across the park like some lovesick romantic.  He looks slightly over his shoulder but apparently doesn't see you.  He stuffs something in his pocket and keeps walking toward the line of bushes.  You quicken your pace and finally catch him just before he disappears into the bushes. 

"Excuse me!"  You announce in a somewhat breathless voice.  


The dark stranger turns, looking over his shoulder.  He turns to you, looking as though he was expecting you.  


"Hi"  he whispers in a deep voice.  Calm and cool in the face of your relentless chase.  


You stammer, realizing just how ridiculous you must look.  " you.....I thought....."  you can't seem to make a complete sentence. 


He laughs to himself at your distress.  "I'm sorry to interrupt"  he chimes in a sarcastic fashion "But I'm on my way over to get a coffee and a bite to eat.  Would you care to join me so we can finish this intoxicating conversation?"  


You are thankful for the rescue from your floundering, but also embarassed by your clumsy pursuit.  




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