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You drive around the park and find a spot to park near the only coffee shop in the area.  You look at yourself in the flip down mirror and reapply some lipstick.  You step out of the car and walk over to the quaint little cafe.  You straighten your skirt and push open the heavy glass door.  A little bell tinkles to announce your arrival.  Its far smaller than you were expecting.  The sweet aroma of coffee and freshly baked pastries fill the air.  You breathe the sweet smells in and glance around.  There are only about a half a dozen tables, A couple are occupied by some twenty somethings with laptops laid out on the small round tables in front of them.  A couple push up their glasses and look at your, but quickly return to their work.  Your dark stranger is no where to be found.   He must be in the restroom.  You walk up to the counter and order a coffee and a sweet roll.  You stand there, looking around for the mysterious man, while the barista prepares your coffee.  After a few moments she returns with your drink and you pay.  Before she turns away you ask "Did you see a man come here in the last 10 minutes.  A little older than me?"  


"Nope, only people that have been in here all afternoon are still here, sorry." She responds quickly.


A confused look passes over your face.  That's weird, you think to yourself.  You take your coffee and your sweet roll and sit down at one of the tables near the window.  You drink your coffee and enjoy your pastry.  Your hope that your dark stranger will come through the door slowly disappears as you watch the park across the street and the cars rushing by.  You wad up your napking and stuff it into your empty coffee cup.  Well no one can say you didn't atleast try.  You throw the cup in the trash can and head back to your car.  Satisfied with your effort.  You climb in your car and head back home.  


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