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     You plop down on the couch in front of the TV and click the on button.   OOOOOh....Lifetime....another murder mystery.  You love these shows.  They always involve some victimized woman that kills her bastard adulterous husband or some emotionally challenged guy that can't handle rejection.   The volume of sick twisted sickos out there is downright astounding.   You wiggle into a comfortable position to take in the next murderous episode, thankful that you would be smart enough to get out long before you were ever starring in one of these shows.  Unless you were the killer.  You might snap if someone crossed you.  A smirk crosses your face.  You watch the latest gory story half-heartedly, glancing periodically at your phone to make sure that it is still functioning, being that you haven't gotten any calls or texts.  Suddenly, as the killer sneaks in the back door with a huge glimmering blade, your phone vibrates madly , falling right off the coffee table and bouncing on the floor.  You reach down and grab the phone, hitting the green phone as you bring it to your ear.  "Hello?"  you ask anxiously.


It's your friend Jen.  Not quite the call you were hoping for but an invitation nonetheless.   She invites you to come out to the club with her.  You inform her that you aren't really interested in going out.  Which is a complete lie.  Jen proceeds to explain to you that she already has a date lined up for you.  You've been down this path before.  You are one of Jen's go-to girlfriends when she is looking for a wing man for her endeavors with some guy that has an unfortunate 3rd wheel tagging along.  You reitterate that you really don't feel like going out tonight.  


"He's a doctor!" chimes Jen. "And I showed him your picture and he thinks you are hot!"


She is very good at playing up your weaknesses in self-image.  



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