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"If its all the same to you, I would just assume walk over and get them.  I'm in a bit of a hurry."


"I understand completely.  I can meet you at the coffee shop after I run up to my apartment.  They make outstanding pastries, maybe you'll stay and have one with me after my meeting" He invites with a coy smile.  


You feel your cheeks blush under his gaze.  "I might be able to do that."  You respond lightly, suddenly forgetting that you were supposedly in hurry.  You take another look at the dashing stranger as you roll up the window.  You step out and close the door behind you.   


The dark stranger walks just ahead of you, seeming to keep his distance to make you more comfortable.  You pick up your pace slightly to catch up with him, walking just behind his right shoulder.  He throws a periodic glance over his shoulder as the two of you walk.  You exchange pleasantries about the weather and whatnot.  


"My name is James Callahan, by the way"  He finally tells her


You introduce yourself but before you have a chance to tell him your name, he interrupts and finishes it for you.   A moment of panic rushes through you, until you realize he has your identification and bankcard.  


You take a deep breath in, letting the sweet sensations of the night sweep over you as you approach the line of bushes at the edge of the park;   the crisp evening air, the cool grass, the earthy smell of the wet soil.  You close your eyes and let your uneasiness drift away on the cool night breeze.  

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