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You take a deep breath and close your eyes, tilting your head back into the warm water.  You reach down and turn the large crystal knob a little further to the left.  The temperature of the water rises and steam begins to pour out from around the shower curtain and over the lip of the tub.  You roll your head from side to side, allowing the hot water to loosen and release all your tension.  You feel your cares washing away and spiralling down the drain along with the long strands of hair that have yet to be cleaned from the trap.  You feel your sense of balance begining to sway as your body temperature rises, but it feels so good beneath the water.  You stand there for what seems like an eternity until you are jolted back to reality as you become dizzy and lose your sense of balance.  Your arms flail in the air, grasping for the flimsy plastic curtain.  The plastic of the shower curtain clings to your body as you fall into it.   You reach desperately for anything to hang on to.  Your hand falls on the hard cold metallic towel bar hanging just outside the shower.  You instinctively grasp it with all the strength you have as you plummet forward.  Of course, you didnt't use anchors when you installed it and it immediately pulls away from the wall sending you crashing towards the ground.  You fall backwards out of the shower, partially wrapped in the flimsy curtain.  You carreen over the tub wall and your head smashes against the porcelain of the toilet bowl.  A shot of fire shoots through your neck as your skull slams down on the hard white surface.  You lose conciousness.  Your not sure how long you've been lying there when you finally start to regain conciousness.  The first thing to come into focus is the base of the toilet bowl.  The bathroom is no longer filled with steam, as the hot water ran out long ago.  You can hear the shower still running and can see your knees, still bent over the lip of the tub.  One foot is visible above the tub, the other, probably still in it.  The shower curtain is almost completely pulled down.  The curtain rod is still intact but all but one of the rings are pulled off the rod.  One flimsy plastic ring holds on to the stainless rod.  The shower curtain is obviously underneath you, pulling relentlessly on the final plastic ring,   You try to move your head but it refuses to abide by your bidding.  You try to move your arms but again, no response.   You frantically attempt to dislodge your various appendages from their slumber, but they are unresponsive.  You begin to panic.  You try to scream but are unable to collect enough air in your lungs for it to come out as anything other than a faint rasp.  Your chest tightens in fear as your eyes dart around the room,  You can't remember where your cell phone is.  Did you leave it on the counter?   Is it still in the living room?  It doesn't really matter, as you are unable to move anyway.  

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