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You take a deep breath and begin to scrub and shave and wash.  The daily ritual that will inevitably end with you jumping in your car and heading off to work for another monotonous day.  You finish up in the bathroom, get dressed and head out the door.  


     It's a beautiful morning.  You feel a bit more optomistic on the day as you soak in the warm sun.  You step down the stairs and glance up to find a gargantuan black raven staring back at you from the top of the telephone pole right next to your apartment window  He croaks down a euphemism at you as if knowing about the thoughts you entertained this morning about turning him into swiss cheese.  A chill creeps down your back under his dead lifeless gaze.   Suddenly he leaps from his perch and dive bombs your head.  You squeal as you throw your arms over your head and he sweeps by you.  You straighten yourself up and look around to make sure no one was watching your ridiculous reaction to a bird.  You can thank Hitchcock for that one.  Despite the attack from the dark ruffian, you are still able to enjoy the beauty of the day.  The sun is shining and a gentle breeze is blowing throught the leaves of the scrawny trees lining the street.  You skip over to your car and climb inside.  The car is already warmed in the sun, despite the cool air.  The smell of hot vinyl and old fast food greats you as you plop down in the driver's seat.  Your stomach turns a bit as the sight of a half eaten burger partially wrapped in its wrapper and laying on the floor of the passenger side.  The sun gleams through the windshield, reflecting oddly off the crack running the entire width of the glass.  The dust on the dash appears to be years in the making under the morning light.  You turn the key in the ignition and immediately open the sun roof.  Rays of sun pour through the opening and flood the car.  The sun seems so much more intense without the glass to buffer it.  The cool breeze swirls into the car and carries away the nauseating greasy aroma.  You turn to check your blind spot and are surprised by a cool splash of moisture on your cheek.  You wipe your face with the back of your hand and squint up into the sky.  A couple of grey clouds float by but nothing to indicate that a downpour is on its way or anything.  You ignore the momentary desire to run in and grab an umbrella and you head off to work. 

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