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You lay there for what seems to be an eternity, periodically attemping another failed scream.    A thousand thoughts run through your mind.  You try diligently to fight off despair by asking and answering the numous questions that could hold the answer to your salvation.  How long will it take before someone comes looking for you?  Surely they will miss you at work and try to call, and when they can't reach you they will most likely send someone to check on you.  The hours tick by....or maybe it's minutes.  Who can tell when you are lying on a cold bathroom floor.  


Finally you hear the phone ring, it's work.   It's a simple call, just checking to see if you are planning on coming in today.  You hear the beep of they machine as they hang up and leave you crumpled on the floor.   Still the shower runs.  Surely someone will be complaining about the lack of hot water.  You assume that your water heater is linked to other apartments but you don't know for sure. You continue to lie there.  Your face feels cold but that is the only part of your body with any sensation.  You can see that your knees are becoming a sickly color somewhere between pasty white and grey.  You try not to look at them, as it only perpetuates your fear.   You hear the phone ring again.  This time the caller seems a bit more concerned.   It is work again, asking you to please call as soon as you can.   


Your mind wanders in and out of conciousness.  Your have no idea how long you've been there.  It feels like days or even weeks.  You are at the wrong angle to see a window or a clock out the bathroom door.  You try again to scream but this time its even less audible. Your throat is dry and raspy from the lack of water.  An irony as you lay here and listen to the water running into the bathtub.  The phone rings again and again it is someone from work.  This time they sound more concerned.   You fade out again, drifting into a deep injury induced slumber.  





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