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     You sit upright and swing your legs off the side of the bed.  Outside, you can hear a large raven cawing at the top of its lungs.  A fewer smaller crows squawk back at the goliath, as if slurring hateful curses at it.  A smile crosses your face as you imagine sneaking to the window with a pellet gun and blowing the annoying cur to smithereens.  You imagine the group of crows celebrating the victory and hailing you as a hero; circling your head like some demented version of Snow White.  Your daydream is suddenly and rudely interrupted by the horrendous outburst of the alarm clock.....again.  You hurry to the evil vibrating box and smack it hatefully, knocking it off the bedside table and leaving it dangling at the end of the tattered black cord.  Damn snooze button.


     The apartment is dark and lifeless.  You wish this place allowed pets....atleast then you'd have some company.  Besides the annoying blackbirds.  You shuffle into the kitchen and pull the coffee maker towards you.  It sticks to the counter as you slide it out from under the cabinet, nearly toppling over.  You scramble to catch the decanter as it slides from its perch, nearly crashing to its death on the linoleum floor.  You pull open the cupboard to retrieve a coffee filter and find yourself staring at a virtually empty shelf. Mother Hubbard would be proud.  Damnit!  You were supposed to stop and grab filters on your way home.  You grab the roll of papertowels and push one down into the filter drawer.  A familiar tradition.  You decide to grab some from work today.  As the coffee maker gurgles its daily song, you meander off to the bathroom. 



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