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You awake some time later.  It's getting difficult to open your eyes now.  You vaguely hear the message machine in the other room.   Something about the police department, but before you can make anything more out, you drift back into unconciousness.  


Behind the inky blackness of your eye lids you hear something.  A banging?  A pounding?  No wait....Knocking!!  Someone is knocking on the door!  You struggle to make a sound, reaching deep into your soul trying to pull out a scream but again, nothing but a dry cough comes from your throat.  You can faintly make out words.  Again, something about the police department.  You try desperately to move your body but everything is numb.  The only thing that has any motion whatsoever is your head.  You try to move your skull, anything at all to try to draw some attention to where you are.  Your head rolls to the side, seemingly of its own accord and as it does, it puts the extra bit of pressure on the last remaining ring of the shower curtain.  The small plastic ring snaps and the remaining corner of the shower curtain snaps away from the rod and floats down to the floor, covering your face.  Outside the knocks grow louder.  Your breath increases and your heartbeat rings in your ears.  They are going to knock the door down!  You are saved.  You suck in a breath to make a final attempt at a scream but the plastic of the curtain sucks in instead, choking off your air supply.  You blow what little air you have in your lungs out, trying to dislodge the aweful death shroud, but it quickly sucks back over your mouth and nose as you take your next breath in.  Panic sets in as you no longer have any air in your lungs.  You begin to convulse, eyes bulging in fear and anguish.  The banging on the door is replaced by the banging of your heartbeat in your temples.  You fight desperately, trying to tear at the plastic sheath with your teeth and pushing it with your tongue but with every moment, the shroud pulls tighter to your face until finally you succumb to the lack of oxygen and drift into a permanent darkness.  

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