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     You are feeling a bit better about your sensibilities than you were earlier.  Afterall, this guy has been a complete gentleman up until now.  The last thing you want to do is blow this before it has a chance to get off the ground by being too needy or promiscuous.   Your friend Jen's voice suddenly pops in your head, reminding you that your new year's resolution was to be more spontanious and take more chances.  You brush off the unwanted advice and pull the shirt over top of your blouse. 


    The two of you begin to talk and laugh as you fill your brushes with paint.   After one particularly scathing remark you flick your paintbrush in his direction, only to manage splashing it on your own face.  He climbs down off his ladder and walks over to you.  He looks deeply in your eyes and wipes the paint off your cheek and blouse with a damp cloth.  


"Well this brings back memories"  he jests.  


You giggle as you remember the black menace that you are now so thankful to.  You watch him intently as he caresses your skin in the most gentle way.  How can such a masculine man be so tender?  His gaze moves from the green spots to your eyes and the two of you freeze in the moment, lost in one another's eyes.  





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