You wrap your arms around his neck and trace his strong jawline with your finger, making your way to his mouth and tracing his lips. His lips part slightly and you can feel his breath quicken under your touch.  You pull him to you in an enraptured kiss, nibbling his lips.    He wraps his muscular arms around you, obviously having been waiting for you to give him the green light to explore his passion.  He pulls you against him and kisses you deeply and erotically.  You can feel every muscle of his refined chest pressing into you.  Your knees nearly buckle under the intense rush.  He runs his fingers through your hair, grabbing it and pulling it just hard enough to be an overwhelming turn on.  HIs soft wet tongue explores your mouth and tastes your lips.  He releases you hair and his hands trail down your back, following the curve of your waist and hips and finally grasping your ass.