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You stand there, vulnerable, waiting for him to fufill your desires with his kiss.  His stare is locked on you, filled with passion but suddenly he breaks his stare and turns away.  He rinses out the cloth and continues painting.  You take a quick breath, releasing your disappointment.  Maybe he isn't as interested as you had previously thought.   You continue painting the trim as he finishes up rolling the walls.  The evening colors being to color the sky outside the window.  You finish up the painting and clean up.  You take off the spattered pinstripe shirt and hand it back to him.  


"I really had a great time today"  He smiles at you with a warm look in his eyes.  


You blush slightly.  "I did too"  you admit, looking down at the floor.  Without warning he pulls you to him and hugs you tightly.


"I'd ask you to stay for dinner but I actually have a meeting later this evening.  Job interview!"  He declares excitedly.  


"Thats great!"  you exclaim, half heartedly.  "Let me atleast help you clean up"


"Thats ok, we already got most of it done.  You have no idea how much I appreciate your help today...and your company" He takes your hand softly in his own.   "Lets get together early tomorrow morning for breakfast."  


"That sounds great" you say in a angonizingly relieved tone.  "You go ahead and get ready for your interview.  I'll let myself out".


He pulls you in closer, leaning in for a kiss but only brushes by and kisses you gently on the cheek and heads into the bedroom. 



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