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      You decide you have probably overstayed your welcome as it is and you take a final look at the mess of paint cans and brushes spread out on the canvas and head out the door.   You climb into your car and head back home, your head swimming in disappointment.  It's not that you didn't have a fun day, but how did it go from an exciting day of erotic possibilities to a hug and a peck on the cheek that planted you squarely in the friend zone.  You replay the day in your head.  Your friend Jen's voice replays in your head over and over again, berating you for your lack of spontanaity and inability to take a risk.  Maybe she was right.  God how you hate to admit that.  You replay the events of the afternoon, beating yourself up over every lost opportunity.  You climb into bed that night and stare endlessly at the ceiling.  How did you go so wrong.  How did you not act on the feelings that were consuming you.  Tomorrow will be different!  You pledge to yourself.  Tomorrow you will tell him how you feel.  Hell!  You'll throw yourself at him right there in the restaurant if you have to.  You smile to yourself, satisfied with your decision to take Jen's advice and take the bull by the horns. 


    You drift off to sleep, dreaming all night about how the events will play out tomorrow morning.   


    You wake up even earlier than normal.  You check your cell and your message machine to see when you are supposed to meet Risain but nothing yet.  You jump into the shower and undergo all your hot date rituals.  You throw on a sexy pair of jeans and a white fuzzy sweater that falls seductively off one shoulder.  You sit down on the couch, phone in hand and wait.  About an hour passes and still no word from Ristain.  You tap your immaculate nails impatiently on the phone.  You turn on the tv and stare blankly at the television.  Unaware of what is on the screen, instead filling your view with the naughty things you plan to surprise poor unsuspecting Ris with.  Several hours pass and its nearly noon now.  You pick up the phone and dial his number.  No answer.   You try his cell....still no answer.  You call a couple more times over the next couple of hours but still no response,  Now your pissed,  You know yesterday was a pretty vanilla day but seriously...he's going to completely blow you off.  You decide to head over to his house and give him a peice of your mind.....or your body.....depending on your mood when you see him. 



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