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"Yeah, this is Ristain"  You hear from the bedroom


"Yeah we got it finished"


"Nah, didn't really pan out, turns out she's kind of a cold fish"  


"Fuck you man"


"Yeah I'm meeting her in about an hour.    Nothing keeping me here"


"Ok.  Cool.  I'll talk to ya tomorrow."


The receiver clicks as he puts down the phone,  You stand there, flabbergasted by the conversation.  A cold fish?  Was he talking about you?  Suddenly it occurs to you that you better get the hell out of there so he doesn't know you were eavesdropping on his conversation,  You weren't invited to stay afterall.   You grab your purse and sneak out the front door.  Hopeful that he doesn't notice you leaving.  You drive home, completely distraut over the conversation your overheard.  You climb into bed and stare at the ceiling. Unsure of what went wrong today.  It started off so full of promise, and yet you sit.  Your friend Jen's voice comes into your head again.  Berating you for your lack of ambition.  You think for a moment about driving back over there but you remember that he is at a business meeting.  A business meeting?  At night?   Your not sure why you didn't see it sooner.  He didn't have a meeting.  He either had a date or he was just blowing you off.  You turn over on your pillow and close your eyes.  Another lonely night. 


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