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   You wake up early and get dressed.  A bit less interested in looking irresistable knowing Ristain's opinion of you,  You check your phone.  There is a text with the name of a diner and a time.  You check the clock on the wall and decide to head out rather than having a cup of coffee first.  


    You pull into the diner and park your car.  You are really regretting that you came at all.  What do you say to a man that is completely disinterested and thinks you are...and I quote...."A cold fish".  You take a deep breath and walk inside.  You are greeted by the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls and hot coffee.  You see Ristain sitting at a corner booth, already sipping a cup of coffee.  He waves you over with a beaming smile across his face.  Certainly not what you expected considering your own demeanor.  You slide into the booth.  


"Hey thank you so much for cleaning up last night!  Those brushes would have been toast if you hadn't rinsed them out."


"No problem"  You whisper meekly.  Ashamed that you are withholding information that you covertly obtained.  


"Well I have good news!"  he booms


"Oh yeah?"  you ask, uncertain of where this is going.




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